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An area of land, sea, and airspace, defined by a geographic combatant commander or subordinate unified commander, in which a joint force commander (normally a joint task force commander) conducts military operations to accomplish a specific mission.
Also called JOA.
See also area of responsibility; joint special operations area.
(JP 3-0)


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  1. Its area of responsibility focuses on a " joint operation area " ( JOA ) around the country of Lebanon to include a wide portion of the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
  2. During the deployment, III Corps reduced the amount of aviation assets in Iraq, resulting in one enhanced combat aviation brigade with six maneuver battalions having responsibility for the entire joint operations area.
  3. Over the course of 7 months the squadron provided Coalition forces with transit control for the Afghanistan Joint Operation Area as well as providing airborne command and control to conduct missions for Coalition forces on the ground.
  4. For U . S . Forces the eligibility for the Non-Article 5 Medal for service with the ISAF are those who are members of units or staffs as set out in the Joint Operations Area taking part in operations in Afghanistan.
  5. The Airmen were part of Joint Operations Area 3, Joint Task Force 3 hurricane relief operations in Manhattan and were among more than 2, 400 Army and ANG service members deployed at the order of Gov . Andrew M . Cuomo.

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