jerky meaning

Pronunciation:   "jerky" in a sentence
Adjective: jerky (jerkier,jerkiest)  jurkee
  1. Lacking a steady rhythm
    - arrhythmic, jerking 
  2. Marked by abrupt transitions
    - choppy 
  3. Having or revealing stupidity
    - anserine, dopy, dopey, foolish, goosey, goosy, gooselike
Noun: jerky  jurkee
  1. Meat (especially beef) cut in strips and dried in the sun
    - jerked meat, jerk

Derived forms: jerkier, jerkies, jerkiest

See also: jerk, jerkily, jerkiness, stupid, sudden, unsteady

Type of: meat

Encyclopedia: Jerky


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  1. the toy robot moved forward with quick jerky steps.
  2. some are drifting and slow, others jerky and rapid.
  3. teller : oh ! hello, mrs. jerky . how are you today?
  4. he dodged his conscience by being jerky and noisy.
  5. mary clung to my arm and her footsteps were a little jerky.

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