jerked meat meaning

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Noun: jerked meat
  1. Meat (especially beef) cut in strips and dried in the sun
    - jerky, jerk

Type of: meat


  1. Southwesterners came up with beef jerky, strips of dried beef, based on a Spanish-American word, charqui, for jerked meat.
  2. Finally, " s�x�a " indicates food items that are being or have been cooked such as black beans, corn or jerked meat.
  3. Jerked meat, usually chicken or pork, can be purchased along with hard dough bread, deep fried " cassava bammy " ( flatbread, usually with fish ), Jamaican fried dumplings ( known as Johnny or journey cakes ), and festival, a variation of sweet flavored fried dumplings made with sugar and served as a side.

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