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  • Noun: Jacquard loom
    1. A loom with an attachment for forming openings for the passage of the shuttle between the warp threads; used in weaving figured fabrics
      - Jacquard

    Derived forms: Jacquard looms

    Type of: loom

    Encyclopedia: Jacquard loom

  • [Computer]
    <history> /zhah-kar'/ A mechanical loom, invented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard in 1801, which used the holes punched in pasteboard punch cards (which see) to control the weaving of patterns in fabric. It was the first machine to use punch cards, although it did no computation based on them.


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  1. italy . design and manufacture of raschel and jacquard loom knitted tights and pantyhoses
  2. Among these was the Jacquard loom, developed for silk embroidery.
  3. The Jacquard loom was invented in 1801 by Joseph-Marie Jacquard.
  4. Georg Muche brought in Jacquard looms to help intensify production.
  5. In 1804, the first Jacquard loom was installed in the street.

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