intolerability meaning

Pronunciation:   "intolerability" in a sentence
  • or intolˈerableness noun


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  1. The saturated phenomenon, despite being visible to the level of intolerability, is said to be irregardable, a visible that cannot be looked at.
  2. In human conflict also, the need for dialogue between those who have proved their peaceful intent is confirmed by the proven intolerability of all other courses.
  3. Among the men in their lives, Max Perlich stands out as the abject innocent whose deep infatuation with Sadie can't overcome the intolerability of her behavior.
  4. But, although the film's pacing problems can be forgiven, its annoying mishmash of dusty pop-culture references reach an intolerability plateau about 10 minutes in.
  5. Gazai, the Iranian ambassador, told a news conference : " Iran more than once has stated the intolerability of carrying out such work in disputed territory ."

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