intire meaning

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/in-tīrˈ/ an obsolete form of entire


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  1. This makes sense because heck I could only scrounge up 1 box of nitril gloves in the intire institute.
  2. I belive ti took place in Italy, attacked by Americans . The intire show is about overrunning this position.
  3. It is also observable that the lead over the altar at the East end was untouch'd, and among the divers monuments, the body of one Bishop remain'd intire.
  4. September 7th  I went this morning on foote from White-hall as far as London Bridge, thro'the late Fleete-streete, Ludgate Hill, by St . Paules . . . At my returne I was infinitely concern'd to find that goodly Church St . Paules now a sad ruine, and that beautiful portico . . . now rent in pieces, flakes of vast stone split asunder, and nothing now remaining intire but the inscription in the architrave, shewing by whom it was built, which had not one letter of it defac'd.
  5. scarlett-rose is a not so famouse wrier she has writen poetry since she was 9 and had her first poem published when she was nine in a book called younge writers as well when she was 10-11 shw wrote her first movie called a rose full of blood but never got in published instead she kept it to her self from 11-12 she started to take a passion in to writing emotional poery and strong speeches from that see wrote all most every day when she turned 13 see started a band with anna pickering anna playing piano and scarlett singing scarlett now goes to coombe but befor see was home schooled soon after in the school there was a creative writing compotition what see won out of her intire year but a girl in year nine beat her over all the teacher that choose her was elling her how much she loved the poem but said that most of the speling ws all wrong that was when she said she was dislexice it was hard for her because sheloved to write and see dident want them to think diffrent but they took it well and wanted to help her so from there scarlett-rose giles has done well and fo any tips of scarlet-rose find her on twitter @ scarlerocks10

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