intinction meaning

Pronunciation:   "intinction" in a sentence
Noun: intinction  in'tingkshun
  1. A method or practice of the administration of the sacrament by dipping the bread or wafer in the wine and administering both together 
  2. The act of tingeing or dyeing

Derived forms: intinctions

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  1. Some parishes use intinction, the dipping of the host into the chalice.
  2. Today most mainline Presbyterian churches administer Communion by passing the elements or by intinction.
  3. The bread may be consumed before drinking the wine from the chalice or may be dipped into the wine prior to consuming ( intinction ).
  4. In the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church Communion is administered under the form of wine either by the communicant drinking directly from the chalice or by intinction.
  5. The most common alternative to intinction is for the communicants to receive the consecrated juice using small, individual, specially made glass or plastic cups known as communion cups.

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