interruption meaning

[ ˌintə'rʌpʃən ] Pronunciation:   "interruption" in a sentence
Noun: interruption  `intu'rúpshun
  1. An act of delaying or interrupting the continuity
    - break, disruption, gap 
  2. Some abrupt occurrence that interrupts an ongoing activity
    "the telephone is an annoying interruption"
    - break 
  3. A time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something
    - pause, intermission, break, suspension

Derived forms: interruptions

See also: interrupt

Type of: delay, happening, holdup, interval, natural event, occurrence, occurrent, time interval

Encyclopedia: Interruption

noun [C,U]



the act of stopping sb from speaking or doing sth:

The constant interruptions make it hard to concentrate.

He spoke for two hours without interruption.


an event that temporarily stops an activity or a process; a time when an activity is stopped:

an interruption to/in the power supply

Credits will be given to any customer who experienced an interruption of service.

The economy is vulnerable to interruptions in fuel supplies.

Any interruption to business could be catastrophic.


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  1. now there came a strange interruption.
  2. miss ley's frivolous interruptions annoyed him.
  3. the day passed by without further interruption.
  4. numerous interruptions have prevented me from finishing my work.
  5. the men were ordered to keep watch against interruption.

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