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[ ˌintə(:)'næʃənəl ] Pronunciation:   "international" in a sentence
Adjective: international  `intu(r)'nash(u)nul
  1. Concerning or belonging to all or at least two or more nations
    "international affairs"; "an international agreement"; "international waters" 
  2. From or between other countries
    "international trade"
    - external, outside
Noun: international  `intu(r)'nash(u)nul
Usage: Brit
  1. A contest between people or teams from different countries; a member of a team playing at an international
Noun: International
  1. Any of several international socialist organizations

Derived forms: Internationals, internationals

See also: foreign, global, internationalist, internationalistic, internationality, internationally, multinational, planetary, supranational, transnational, world, worldwide, world-wide

Type of: socialism, socialist economy

Antonym: national

Encyclopedia: International

AmE / adjective [usually before noun]

connected with or involving two or more countries:

The group has seen strong growth in its international business.

a violation of the rules for international trade

The number of passengers on international flights fell last year by 4.4%.

The states of the Pacific Rim account for an increasingly large share of international commerce.


internationally /; AmE / adverb:

Holiday Inn is an internationally recognized name.

We intend to expand our activities both here in the UK and internationally.


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  1. yes, he has engaged in international trade.
  2. edith wharton uses the international theme.
  3. the international situation is extremely serious.
  4. international trade reflects this evolution.
  5. suddenly someone struck up the international.

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