instrumentalism meaning

Pronunciation:   "instrumentalism" in a sentence
  • Noun: instrumentalism  `instru'men`tlizum
    1. A system of pragmatic philosophy that considers idea to be instruments that should guide our actions and their value is measured by their success

    Derived forms: instrumentalisms

    Type of: pragmatism

    Encyclopedia: Instrumentalism


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  1. the unity of instrumentalism and humanism is the basic characteristic of chinese
  2. in general jurisprudence, we might associate the ex ante perspective with legal instrumentalism ( or legal realism)
  3. those three theories are not convincing respectively, also with the common defect of instrumentalism, idealism and rationalism
  4. The following four premises defining instrumentalism are taken from these sources.
  5. Possible alternatives to induction are Duhem's instrumentalism and falsification.

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