inshore meaning

Pronunciation:   "inshore" in a sentence
  • Adjective: inshore  'in'shor
    1. (of winds) coming from the sea toward the land
      "an inshore breeze"
      - onshore, seaward, shoreward 
    2. Close to a shore
      "inshore fisheries"
    Adverb: inshore  'in'shor
    1. Toward the shore
      "we swam two miles inshore"

    See also: coastal

    Antonym: offshore

    Encyclopedia: Inshore


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  1. there were only three boats in sight now and they showed very low and far inshore.
  2. they say that inshore of the reef is a lagoon
  3. current condition and trend of water quality in guangxi inshore
  4. high effective and long life artificial fish reef and inshore fisheries
  5. environmental evaluation of aquaticulture for the inshore area of maoming

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