infectious meaning

[ in'fekʃəs ] Pronunciation:   "infectious" in a sentence
Adjective: infectious  in'fekshus
  1. Caused by infection or capable of causing infection
    - infective 
  2. Easily spread
    "fear is exceedingly infectious; children catch it from their elders" 
  3. Of or relating to infection
    "infectious hospital"; "infectious disease"

See also: catching, communicable, contagious, contaminating, contractable, corrupting, infected, infection, infectiously, septic, transmissible, transmittable

Antonym: noninfectious

Encyclopedia: Infectious

1 : capable of causing infection ‹a carrier remains infectious without exhibiting signs of disease› ‹viruses and other infectious agents›
2 : communicable by invasion of the body of a susceptible organism ‹all contagious diseases are also infectious, but it does not follow that all infectious diseases are contagious —W. A. Hagan› —compare CONTAGIOUS 1in·fec·tious·ly adv — in·fec·tious·ness n


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  1. there are many infectious diseases in africa.
  2. tears are as infectious as laughter can be.
  3. in a word, serum hepatitis was also infectious.
  4. this disease is infectious.
  5. poultry hauling equipment likewise can disseminate infectious material.

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