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A herpesvirus infection of CATTLE characterized by INFLAMATION and NECROSIS of the mucous membranes of the upper RESPIRATORY TRACT.n : a disease of cattle caused by a virus serologically related to the virus causing herpes simplex in humans and characterized by inflammation and ulceration of the nasal cavities and trachea


  1. infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, which are caused by the bovine herpes virus type, are extremely harmful to cattle industry
  2. this paper systematically compared the different diagnoses methods of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, and intent to provide quarantining method for this kind of infectious disease
  3. The owner of the cattle has told deputies that he suspected the animals died of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis ( IBR ), or bovine virus diarrhea ( BVD ).
  4. The disease may be complicated by concurrent infection with viruses such as infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus ( bovine herpesvirus 1 ) or adenovirus, bacteria such as " Mycoplasma boviculi " or " Listeria monocytogenes ", or infestation by " Thelazia ", a nematode.
  5. Diseases associated with this genus include : HHV-3-chickenpox ( varicella ) and shingles; BoHV-1-infectious bovine rhinotracheitis / infectious pustular vulvovaginitis ( IPV ); SuHV-1 ( also known as pseudorabies virus )-Aujesky's disease characterized by central nervous system signs ( hindleg paralysis, meningoencephalitis ), high mortality rates in young animals, and respiratory illness in older pigs.

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