industrious meaning

[ in'dʌstriəs ] Pronunciation:   "industrious" in a sentence
Adjective: industrious  in'dústreeus
  1. Characterized by hard work and perseverance
    - hardworking, tireless, untiring 
  2. Working hard to promote an enterprise
    - energetic, gumptious, up-and-coming

See also: diligent, enterprising, go-getting, industriously, industry


working hard; busy:

an industrious labour force


industriously adverb


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  1. you see, god protects the honest and the industrious.
  2. he is an industrious worker.
  3. his extortions from the industrious poor have been beyond computation.
  4. eliza sat cold, impassible, and assiduously industrious.
  5. fortunately his wife was a good needlewoman, and as sober and industrious as himself.

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