industrial meaning

[ in'dʌstriəl ] Pronunciation:   "industrial" in a sentence
Adjective: industrial  in'dústreeul
  1. Of or relating to or resulting from industry
    "industrial output" 
  2. Having highly developed industries
    "the industrial revolution"; "an industrial nation" 
  3. Employed in industry
    "the industrial classes"; "industrial work" 
  4. Suitable to stand up to hard wear
    "industrial carpeting"

See also: blue-collar, developed, heavy-duty, highly-developed, industrialised [Brit], industrialized, industrially, industry, postindustrial, progressive

Antonym: nonindustrial

Encyclopedia: Industrial Industrial, Wood and Allied Workers of Canada

adjective [usually before noun]



connected with industry:

an expansion in industrial activity

industrial development/production/output

a large industrial business/conglomerate/group


used by industries:

chips designed for communications and industrial applications

industrial chemicals/equipment


connected with businesses rather than individuals:

industrial advertising

(= advertising to businesses)

industrial consumers


having many industries:

an industrial area

the world's leading industrial nations

5 (HR )

connected with the work that you do:

a report on industrial injuries

an industrial accident/disease


noun industrials [pl.]


(Stock Exchange )

manufacturers whose shares are bought and sold on the stock exchange:

Industrials showed strong earnings growth in the fourth quarter.

the industrials sector


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  1. industrial production declined by 10 percent.
  2. we now export all kinds of industrial products.
  3. these remarks relate to the industrial modernization ...
  4. industrial class conflict was a symptom of anomie.

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