individualistically meaning

Pronunciation:   "individualistically" in a sentence
Adverb: individualistically
  1. In an individualistic manner

See also: individualistic


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  1. wines are unique and when treated individualistically they will contribute in a far greater way than when produced clinically
  2. Gleason argued that species distributions responded individualistically to environmental factors, and communities were best regarded as artifacts of the juxtaposition of species distributions.
  3. Kerry-esque liberals are concerned by the possibility that some nations will go off and behave individualistically or, as they say, unilaterally.
  4. "The French team played a lot more individualistically than the Danes, with far too much focus on one player, " he said, referring to Zidane.
  5. Lossky, for example, uses the term to explain what motive would be behind people working together for a common, historical or social goal rather than pursuing the goal individualistically.

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