individualist meaning

Pronunciation:   "individualist" in a sentence
Noun: individualist  `indu'vijooulist
  1. A person who pursues independent thought or action
Adjective: individualist  `indu'vijooulist
  1. Marked by or expressing individuality
    - individualistic

Derived forms: individualists

See also: individual, individualism, single

Type of: individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul

Encyclopedia: Individualist


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  1. he was idealized as an individualist by many poor or newly rich.
  2. for most of its history, the car industry was led by a group of rugged individualists.
  3. i am the only individualist in this room
  4. in contrast, it is obvious why americans are the most individualist people on earth
  5. as mentioned earlier, hunters are individualists who will bend some rules to nail the deal

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