individual mobilization augmentee meaning

An individual reservist attending drills who receives training and is preassigned to an Active Component organization, a Selective Service System, or a Federal Emergency Management Agency billet that must be filled on, or shortly after, mobilization.
Individual mobilization augmentees train on a part-time basis with these organizations to prepare for mobilization.
Inactive duty training for individual mobilization augmentees is decided by component policy and can vary from 0 to 48 drills a year.
Also called IMA.


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  1. A smaller but equally important category of TR is the " "'Individual Mobilization Augmentee "'" ( IMA ).
  2. He then was assigned as an IMA ( Individual Mobilization Augmentee ) for the Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon, concentrating on issues relating to the stresses imposed on reservists by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  3. The "'Marine Corps Mobilization Command "'( MOBCOM ) is a major subordinate command ( MSC ) of Marine Forces Reserve and provides support for all Individual Ready Reserve ( IRR ), Individual Mobilization Augmentee ( IMA ) and Mobilized Training Unit Marine reservists.
  4. "' Eldon Regua "'( Born 1955 ) is a retired major general in the United States Army Reserve, who last served as Deputy Commanding General / Chief of Staff ( Wartime ) ( Individual Mobilization Augmentee ) for 8th United States Army headquartered in general officer of Filipino American ethnicity.
  5. Soldiers who, after completing the AC portion of their enlistment contract choose not to re-enlist on active duty, are automatically transferred to the RC to complete the remainder of their " Statutory Obligation " ( eight-year service total ) and may be served in a drilling Troop Program Unit ( TPU ), Individual mobilization Augmentee ( IMA ), or Individual Ready Reserve ( IRR ) status.

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