index rerum meaning

  "index rerum" in a sentence
  • noun (Latin)
    1. An index of matters or subjects
    2. A reference notebook


  1. From 1921 to 1924 Bragaglia published the satirical pamphlet " Index Rerum Virorumque Prohibitorum " ( " Index of Forbidden Things and Men " ).
  2. Gansevoort had copies of John Todd's " Index Rerum ", a blank book, more of a register, in which one could index remarkable passages from books one had read, for easy retrieval.
  3. Although it is possible that this work was inspired by Johnson asking for an " index rerum " for Richardson's novels, the " Collection " contains more of a focus on " moral and instructive " lessons than the index that Johnson sought.
  4. He died about 1590, and left a work entitled " Thesaurus Bibliorum, omnem utriusque vitae antidotum secundum utriusque Instrumenti veritatem et historiam succincte complectens ", with which is printed an " Index rerum memorabilium in epistolis et evangeliis per anni circulum " ( Antwerp, 1577 ).

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