incorporation meaning

[ inˌkɔ:pə'reiʃən ] Pronunciation:   "incorporation" in a sentence
Noun: incorporation  in`korpu'reyshun
  1. Consolidating two or more things; union in (or into) one body 
  2. Learning (of values or attitudes etc.) that is incorporated within yourself
    - internalization, internalisation [Brit] 
  3. Including by incorporating

Derived forms: incorporations

See also: incorporate

Type of: acquisition, consolidation, inclusion, integration, learning

Encyclopedia: Incorporation

AmE / noun [U,C]


an act of forming a legal company or organization:

Delaware is the most popular state in the US for incorporation.

The rate of new incorporations is a good measure of business activity.

The company moved its incorporation from the US to Bermuda for tax purposes

(= it changed its legal home to Bermuda).

A legal process through which a company receives a charter and the state in which it is based allows it to operate as a corporation.

n. 1. The formation of an association that has corporate personality, i.e. a personality distinct from those of its members. A corporation (such as a company) has wide legal capacity (subject to the doctrine of ultra vires): it can own property and incur debts. Company members have no liability to company creditors for such debts (though they may be under some liability to their company). An incorporated company has its own rights and liabilities and legal proceedings in respect of them should be brought by and against it in its own name (but see DERIVATIVE ACTION). It can be convicted of crimes; when mens rea is a requirement of the offence, the mens rea of the officers responsible may be attributed to the company. A company is usually incorporated by registration under the Companies Act 1985 but there are other methods (e.g. by royal charter or private Act of Parliament). See also CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION; LIFTING THE VEIL.

1 : the process of taking in and uniting with something esp. by chemical reaction ‹the incorporation of a radioisotope by living cells›
2 : the psychological process of identifiying with or introjecting something ‹the incorporation of the external world in the superego —G. S. Blum›


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  1. difficulties exist in the incorporation of the thermodynamic specifications.
  2. the performance of the section is due to the incorporation of a downward sloping wind nose.
  3. such simplified radiation calculations are required for incorporation into numerical models.
  4. colonization of a calcareous stripmine spoil by earthworms promoted incorporation of organic matter.
  5. the right to suspend may be embodied in the contract of employment by express or implied incorporation.

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