inactivity meaning

Pronunciation:   "inactivity" in a sentence
Noun: inactivity  `inak'tivutee
  1. The state of being inactive
    - inaction, inactiveness 
  2. A disposition to remain inactive or inert
    - inactiveness, inertia 
  3. Being inactive; being less active

Derived forms: inactivities

See also: inactive

Type of: act, deed, human action, human activity, state, trait

Antonym: activity

Encyclopedia: Inactivity


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  1. there are three states of such inactivity.
  2. the three men stunned into silence and inactivity.
  3. its compact appearance is a reflection of its inactivity.
  4. the old pattern of delay and inactivity continued to plague our handling of watergate.
  5. a paralyzing peace has plunged the members of the gun club in deplorable inactivity.

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