inactiveness meaning

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Noun: inactiveness
  1. The state of being inactive
    - inaction, inactivity 
  2. A disposition to remain inactive or inert
    - inactivity, inertia

See also: inactive

Type of: state, trait

Antonym: activeness


  1. therefore, their corporate culture construction is confronted with many problems such as similarity, formalism, inactiveness and unshared vision
  2. His army marched and laid siege to Shaizar, but the Principality of Antioch betrayed the Byzantines with inactiveness.
  3. The most thing that sparked my attention is this edit ! and his return after two years of inactiveness as you can see in his talk ) 21 : 08, 3 December 2016 ( UTC)
  4. They include : working in the farm to earn a living, choosing a spouse, poverty and its causes, ignorance of the people, consequences of laziness and inactiveness, dominance of foreigners on Khmer people, the loss of sovereignty, and the decline of the Khmer culture and literature.

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