in-house meaning

Pronunciation:   "in-house" in a sentence
Adverb: in-house
  1. Done within a business rather than contracted out
    "translations to be done are distributed amongst the in-house translators"

Encyclopedia: In-house

adjective [only before noun]

existing or happening within a company or an organization:

an in-house magazine

in-house lawyers/design teams

in-company training

in-house adverb:

The software was developed in-house.


In the context of general equities, keeping an activity within the firm. For example, rather than go to the marketplace and sell a security for a client to anyone, an attempt is made to find a buyer to complete the transaction with the firm. Although a listed trade must be taken to the floor of the stock exchange, matching supply with demand within the confines of the firm results in higher commissions for the firm.


  1. here is our in-house television schedule.
  2. all original programming for his system was done in-house.
  3. when the proof was inescapable, they wanted to keep it in-house.

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