in top form meaning

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[American slang]
1. [of someone or some creature] in very good physical condition.
  The runners are in top form, so this should be a good race.
  I'm not in top form, but I'm not completely out of shape either.
2. able to make witty remarks and clever statements quickly and easily.
  That was really funny, Bob. You are in top form tonight.
  The president was in top form and entertained the audience with her speech.
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  1. “ when i am in top form it will be easier to change people's opinions of me
  2. he played 30 games in all kinds of competitions, then came back to om in top form
  3. Similarly, the Wildcats expect to encounter Nebraska in top form.
  4. The more theatrical faction of rooters was in top form Sunday.
  5. In top form, Ray can spell three letters a minute.

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