in the bag meaning

  "in the bag" in a sentence
Secured or as good as secured

[American slang]
1. Fig. cinched; achieved. (Typically: be ~; have something ~.)
  It's in the bag—as good as done.
   The election is in the bag unless the voters find out about my past.
2. Fig. Inf. intoxicated. (Typically: be ~.)
  Kelly looks like he is in the bag.
  John is in the bag and mean as hell.
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  1. have you got any unexposed films in the bag?
  2. the glad rags were in the bag under his feet.
  3. her re-election is in the bag.
  4. my job was in the bag.
  5. judging by the enthusiastic reception given him everywhere, they felt that his election was in the bag.

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