in rare form meaning

  "in rare form" in a sentence
  • [American slang]
    1. Fig. well prepared for a good performance; at one's best.
      The goalie is in rare form today; that's his third great save already.
      We are not exactly in rare form on Monday mornings.
    2. Inf. intoxicated.
      Gert is in rare form, but she'll have time to sleep it off.
      When Harry was finally in rare form, he slid beneath the table.


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  1. Herb was in rare form because he was so happy,
  2. Our mayor, as usual, was in rare form,
  3. Williams was in rare form, giving monologues rather than inside information.
  4. Plus, Tyler is in rare form on theu ).
  5. "He's back in rare form.

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