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  • Adjective: in question
    1. Open to doubt or suspicion
      - doubtful, dubious, dubitable, doubtable

    See also: questionable

  • [American slang]
    adj. phr. 1. In doubt; in dispute; being argued about or examined. I know Bill would he a good captain for the team. That is not in question. But does he want to be captain?
    Antonym: BEYOND QUESTION. 2. Under discussion; being talked or thought about. The girls in question are not in school today. On the Christmas Day in question, we could not go to Grandmother's house, as we do every year.


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  1. his honesty has never been called in question.
  2. he had quite understood that nana was in question.
  3. the woman in question is sitting over there.
  4. "could " is more polite but is only used in questions.
  5. the job in question is available for three months only.

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