in proportion meaning

  "in proportion" in a sentence
  • 1. (often with to) in a (given) ratio
    2. Having a correct or harmonious relation (with something)
    3. To a degree or extent which seems appropriate to the importance, etc of the matter in hand

  • [American slang]
    showing the correct size or proportion relative to something else.
      That man's large head is not in proportion to his small body.
      The cartoonist drew the dog in proportion to its surroundings.


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  1. her features are in proportion.
  2. your emotion never seem in proportion to their objects.
  3. the root system of the apple tree grows in proportion to the top.
  4. try to see the problem in proportion -- it could be far worse.
  5. he would have been tall if he had legs in proportion to his arms.

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