in on the kill meaning

[American idiom]
present at the end of some activity, usually an activity with negative results. (Literally, present when a hunted animal is put to death. Informal when used about any other activity.)
Congress was due to defeat the bill, and I went to Washington so I could be in on the kill.
The judge will sentence the criminal today, and I'm going to be in at the kill.

[American slang]
Go to in at the kill


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  1. Too late, Gabriel realizes that Tariq s target is Arafat and not Israel s PM; Gabriel hastily alerts Arafat by phone just as the disguised Tariq zones in on the kill.
  2. By the " In on the Kill Taker " tour, the group began to sell-out large auditoriums and arenas, as well as receive more lucrative major label offers.
  3. During the famed " Marianas Turkey Shoot ", as the Navy fondly termed it, " Hickox " was in on the kill of at least five aircraft and also rescued three splashed fliers.
  4. Due in part to the popularity of alternative rock in the early 1990s, " In on the Kill Taker " became the group's first album to debut on the " Billboard " charts and subsequently became the band's breakthrough album.
  5. It was released on June 30, 1993 through Dischord Records and was recorded at Inner Ear Studios and produced by Ted Niceley and Don Zientara . " In on the Kill Taker " captured the aggressiveness of the band's earlier releases while displaying a more diverse range of influences.

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