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  • [American slang]
    adv. or adj. phr. 1. On duty or ready to be put on duty by a naval or military service; in active service. The old battleship has been in commission for twenty years. It took many months to build the new bomber, and now it is ready to be put into commission. 2. In proper condition; in use or ready for use; working; running. The wheel of my bicycle was broken, but it is back in commission now.
    Compare: IN ORDER2.
    Antonym: OUT OF COMMISSION2.


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  1. warships will remain in commission when not refitting
  2. some wartime vessels are still in commission
  3. aircraft in commission
  4. during this month, we have to pay out more than two thousand dollars in commissions alone
  5. in terms of commission , each job type has a different evaluation in commission policy

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