in case of something meaning

  "in case of something" in a sentence
[American idiom]
in the event of something.
Please leave the building at once in case of fire.
Please take your raincoat in case of rain.


  1. in case of something happens, i need someone to know
  2. I think my being here was a situation in case of something like this happened.
  3. So I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing is delayed by several minutes in case of something drastic happening, it will give them more time to cut to a commercial or simply edit something larger out.
  4. "The tower industry is young, and there is some consolidation going on, " said BellSouth spokesman Jeff Battcher " We don't anticipate getting the towers back except in case of something such as a bankruptcy ."
  5. Now, if I wrote you a policy that simply said that in case of something bad happening I'd pay you the cost of damage to your car, but I didn't disclaim the nuclear-megadeath scenario, then you could sue me saying I was fraudulently charging you a portion of the premium for those scenarios were I wouldn't actually be in a position to pay.

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