in capite meaning

  "in capite" in a sentence
/in kapˈi-tē or kapˈi-te/
1. In chief
2. Holding directly from the Crown (feudal law)


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  1. His relics rest in the San Silvestro in Capite church in Rome.
  2. The title of the Sunday is " Dominica in capite Quadragesim� ".
  3. The Latin words " in capite " refers to the canonical title of Saint Sylvester is San Silvestro al Quirinale.
  4. In 1916 Pope Benedict XV elevated Sbarretti to the cardinalate as Cardinal-Priest of " San Silvestro in Capite ".
  5. The Cardinal Priest of the " Titulus S . Silvestri in Capite " is Desmond Connell, former Archbishop of Dublin.

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