in all earnestness meaning

1. Most sincerely
2. Urgently
  • earnestness:    Noun: earnestness& ...
  • all:    Adjective: all&nbs ...
  • all but:    Adverb: all but&nb ...


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  1. He says this in all earnestness, with his eyes focused on yours.
  2. His hand is clenched into a fist, in all earnestness, as he talks to the camera.
  3. We must henceforth consider in all earnestness how the future can be made safer and better for them.
  4. Along this line of help to the rural areas, President Magsaysay initiated in all earnestness the artesian wells campaign.
  5. Higashinakano jumps to this conclusion in all earnestness because he clings to a hypothetical fixation that the Atrocity never happened.

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