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  • /in ab-strakˈtō/
      In the abstract


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  1. The Court instead considered the legislation " in abstracto " as well as its application in practice.
  2. The offending nature of Anittas personal remarks cannot be established in abstracto, having no careful research of User : Node ue orientation sexual and of his level of Jewishnes.
  3. Like the borrower, a pledgee was held to the " culpa levis in abstracto " standard; again, this may have developed from " custodia ".
  4. Arguments refuting the inherence criticism, however, claim that a form of something spatial can lack a concrete ( spatial ) location and yet have " in abstracto " spatial qualities.
  5. the Corporation itself is onely " in abstracto ", and resteth onely in intendment and consideration of the Law; for a Corporation aggregate of many is invisible, body, and divers other cases.

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