improvement meaning

[ im'pru:vmənt ] Pronunciation:   "improvement" in a sentence
  • Noun: improvement  im'proovmunt
    1. A change for the better; progress in development
      - betterment, advance 
    2. The act of improving something
      "their improvements increased the value of the property" 
    3. A condition superior to an earlier condition
      "the new school represents a great improvement"
      - melioration

    Derived forms: improvements

    See also: improve

    Type of: change of state, condition, shift, status, transformation, transmutation

    Antonym: decline

    Encyclopedia: Improvement

  • [Architecture]

    A structure or public utility or any other installation or physical change made in a property to increase its value and utility or to improve its appearance.

  • [Business]


    1 [U]

    the act of making sth better; the process of sth becoming better:

    The economy is showing signs of improvement.

    Although we have made progress with quality standards, there is still room for improvement.

    Retailers saw some improvement in sales this year.

    ❖ to expect/report/see improvement (in sth)

    ◆ sth shows improvement

    2 [C] improvement from/on/over sth

    a change in sth that makes it better; sth that is better than it was before:

    These figures are a big improvement from a year ago.

    We have made improvements to the design of many of our products.

    benefits from cost-cutting and productivity improvements

    The company recorded a 12% improvement in profits.

    ❖ to achieve/expect/make/report/see an improvement

    ◆ sth shows an improvement

    ◆ a big/dramatic/major/significant improvement

    ◆ a modest/slight/steady improvement

  • [Law]
    n. (of rented premises) An addition or alteration that improves the premises from the tenant's point of view; it does not necessarily have to increase the value of the premises. In the case of a lease that contains an obligation by the tenant to obtain the landlord's consent before making improvements, the landlord cannot withhold his consent unreasonably. He can, however, claim from the tenant any expense or loss he suffers as a result and he can require the tenant, at the end of the tenancy, to put the premises back into the condition they were in before the improvement was carried out. When rented dwellings lack certain basic amenities, such as a bath, the local authority can require the landlord to provide these amenities and carry out other repairs and improvements after service of an improvement notice. In the case of business tenancies and agricultural holdings, the tenant can claim compensation for improvements.


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  1. this letter is an improvement upon your last.
  2. you have made great improvements here already.
  3. improvements did flow from the report.
  4. this letter is an improvement on your last.
  5. there is tremendous room for improvement.

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