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Process of classifying cells of the immune system based on structural and functional differences. The process is commonly used to analyze and sort T-lymphocytes into subsets based on CD antigens by the technique of flow cytometry. n : the process of determining the immunophenotype of a cell or group of cells


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  1. immunophenotyping of peripheral blood leukemic cells by multi-parameter cytometry
  2. These are identified by immunophenotyping of surface markers of the abnormal lymphocytes:
  3. More precise identification is by immunophenotyping or with electron microscopy ( EM ).
  4. Immunophenotyping using MoAb to megakaryocyte restricted antigen ( CD41 and CD61 ) may be diagnostic.
  5. The blasts in these cases cannot be recognized as myeloid based on morphology and cytochemistry, but immunophenotyping demonstrates myeloid antigens.

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