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Any member of the class of enzymes that catalyze the cleavage of the substrate and the addition of water to the resulting molecules,e.g.,ESTERASES,glycosidases (GLYCOSIDE HYDROLASES),lipases,NUCLEOTIDASES,peptidases (PEPTIDE HYDROLASES),and phosphatases (PHOSPHORIC MONOESTER HYDROLASES). EC 3.


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  1. the aleurone grains of ungerminated seeds contain hydrolases.
  2. a complete analysis of the compartmentation of hydrolases is difficult to achieve.
  3. changes of cell wall and hydrolases in the fruit of two cultivars of feicheng peach during development and ripening
  4. This enzyme belongs to GH ( glycoside hydrolases ) family 94.
  5. The Hint proteins function as AMP-lysine hydrolases and phosphoramidases.

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