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Noun: Hydrangea petiolaris
  1. Deciduous climber with aerial roots having large flat flower heads
    - climbing hydrangea

Type of: hydrangea

Part of: genus Hydrangea

Encyclopedia: Hydrangea petiolaris


  1. I'm particularly fond of two climbers of the Hydrangea petiolaris variety.
  2. "Hydrangea petiolaris " is sometimes treated as a subspecies of the closely related " Hydrangea anomala " from China, Myanmar, and the Himalaya, as " Hydrangea anomala " subsp . " petiolaris ".
  3. The closely related " Hydrangea petiolaris " from eastern Siberia, Japan, and Korea, is sometimes treated as a subspecies of " H . anomala "; it differs in growing larger ( to 20 m ) and flower corymbs up to 25 cm diameter.

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