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Noun: Hydrangea paniculata
  1. Deciduous shrub or small tree with pyramidal flower clusters
    - fall-blooming hydrangea

Type of: hydrangea

Part of: genus Hydrangea


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  1. The peegee, Hydrangea paniculata, and arborescens,
  2. If you can wait until late September or early October, the Hydrangea paniculata cultivars, which include the familiar Pee Gee, will be ready.
  3. _Hydrangea paniculata, of which the best known is the traditional favorite of turn-of-the-century New England landscapes, ` Grandiflora'or peegee hydrangea.
  4. There I am on some gorgeous day, hunched over my desk, clicking my mouse, straining my eyes at a rather blurry picture of Hydrangea paniculata Tardiva, which I want, desperately.
  5. The Latinized part of the name of this plant, and many others such as towering Hydrangea paniculata Siebold Grandiflora, whose huge fluffy white flower heads are now in bloom, refers to Philipp Franz Balthasar von Siebold.

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