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A congenital condition where the greater portions of the cerebral hemispheres and CORPUS STRIATUM are replaced by CSF and glial tissue. The meninges and the skull are well formed,which is consistent with earlier normal embryogenesis of the telencephalon. Bilateral occlusions of the internal carotid arteries in utero is a potential mechanism. Clinical features include intact brainstem reflexes without evidence of higher cortical activity. (Menkes,Textbook of Child Neurology,5th ed,p307) n pl -lies : a congenital defect of the brain in which fluid-filled cavities take the place of the cerebral hemispheres


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  1. the skull is opened in this third trimester stillborn fetus to reveal hydranencephaly
  2. The prognosis for children with hydranencephaly is generally quite poor.
  3. Despite determination of cause, hydranencephaly afflicts both males and females in equal numbers.
  4. Still other infants display no obvious symptoms at birth, going many months without a confirmed diagnosis of hydranencephaly.
  5. The encoded protein may play a role in development of brain vascular endothelial cells, as mutations at this locus have been associated with proliferative vasculopathy and hydranencephaly-hydrocephaly syndrome.

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