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Glandular tissue in the BREAST of human that is under the influence of hormones such as ESTROGENS; PROGESTINS; and PROLACTIN. In WOMEN,after PARTURITION,the mammary glands secrete milk (MILK,HUMAN) for the nourishment of the young.


  1. In the human mammary gland, the intralobular duct is a part of the glandular system that resides within the lobules.
  2. From " Playboy " to WonderBra to Hooters, fortunes have been built on the swell and tilt of young, human mammary glands.
  3. The human mammary gland is composed of several cell types, including adipose ( fat cells ), muscle, ductal epithelium, and mammary epithelium ( referred to sometimes as lactocytes ).
  4. Ghilchik, M . W ., Tobaruela, M ., del Rio-Garcia, J . and Smyth, D . G . ( 2000 ) The TRH-like peptide pGlu-Phe-Pro amide is present in rat and human mammary gland and is secreted in the milk.

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