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DNA constructs that are composed of,at least,all elements,such as a REPLICATION ORIGIN; TELOMERE; and CENTROMERE,required for successful replication,propagation to and maintainance in progeny human cells. In addition,they are constructed to carry other sequences for analysis or gene transfer.


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  1. In 2011, researchers formed a human artificial chromosome by truncating chromosome 14.
  2. Germline engineering and even the engineering of human artificial chromosomes ( which presently allow increased reliability ) are presently being done in animals.
  3. Artificial chromosomes, even human artificial chromosomes, have already been created and patented, the scientists reported, and companies have sprung up to exploit the technology.
  4. In 2010, a refined human artificial chromosome called 21HAC was reported . 21HAC is based on a stripped copy of human chromosome 21, producing a chromosome 5 Mb in length.
  5. Truncation of chromosome 21 resulted in a human artificial chromosome that is mitotically stable . 21HAC was also able to be transferred into cells from a variety of species ( mice, chickens, humans ).

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