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  1. When the White House curtain finally falls, he will be 55, in excellent health and in search of projects to satisfy his restlessness.
  2. When salvage wasn't possible, artisans replicated such details as the original silk wall coverings, the draperies and the grand house curtain.
  3. In German, in English, in various other languages, the final line of Wagner's final opera was scribbled graffiti-style over the house curtain.
  4. Best-selling author Richard North Patterson, gambling that his audience has an unquenchable appetite for voyeurism, allows us to peek through the White House curtains in this overblown soap opera of art imitating life.
  5. Joseph Holtzman, editor of the avant-garde design magazine Nest, and decorator Mica Ertegun toted in Clarence House curtains, Frette bed linens, a Hermes blanket, a portrait of Diana Vreeland and a painting by PierreBonnard.

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