hone meaning

Pronunciation:   "hone" in a sentence
Noun: hone  hown
  1. A whetstone made of fine gritstone; used for sharpening razors
Verb: hone  hown
  1. Sharpen with a hone
    "hone a knife" 
  2. Make perfect or complete
    - perfect

Derived forms: honed, hones, honing

Type of: ameliorate, amend, better, improve, meliorate, sharpen, whetstone

Encyclopedia: Hone, AO Hone Hone, Italy Hone, Aosta


Same as oilstone.

AmE / verb [+ obj]

to develop and improve sth, especially a skill, over a period of time:

She's a finance expert who has honed her skills working for top accounting firms.


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  1. his loner instincts are honed sharp by the spying game.
  2. his wife, a tiny woman with the profile of a finely honed hatchet.
  3. the advance team was at the peak of their self-confidence, honed by political campaigns to a razor-edge.
  4. he had seen them shape the knives from white-hot metal, temper them in cold water, then hone them to glistening sharpness.
  5. by honing those skills which make me useful ..

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