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n. [c]

see homework n. (3): Homeworkers often work longer hours than factory or office workers.

AmE / noun [C]

(HR )

a person who works for a company at home rather than in an office:

It can be difficult to manage homeworkers effectively and keep them motivated.

homeworking noun [U]


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  1. Her father was an unskilled labourer and her mother a homeworker in Berlin.
  2. In April, for instance, Rep . Sam Coppersmith, D-Ariz ., introduced the Homeworker Tax Relief Act.
  3. He was born in Tynset as a son of smallholder Magne Rusten ( 1901 1987 ) and homeworker Kjellfrid �verby ( 1902 1935 ).
  4. The chief homeworker in our house-- the sixth-grader-- is conscientious and responsible, but that doesn't absolve my husband and me from homework duties.
  5. ""'Melvina Hern�ndez " "': A homeworker that was sterilized at the age of 23 and did not find out until four years later.

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