hometown meaning

[ 'həʊmtaʊn ] Pronunciation:   "hometown" in a sentence
Noun: hometown  'howm'tawn
  1. The town (or city) where you grew up or where you have your principal residence
    "he never went back to his hometown again"

Derived forms: hometowns

Type of: town

Encyclopedia: Hometown, Il Hometown, Illinois Hometown Hometown, IL Hometown, WV Hometown, West Virginia Hometown, PA Hometown, Pennsylvania


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  1. he opened a vegetarian restaurant in his hometown.
  2. many new factories have sprung up in my hometown ..
  3. my hometown had changed so much that i could hardly recognize it.
  4. the people in their hometown welcomed them back with parades and speeches.
  5. hometown : kentwood, louisiana nicknames : bit-bit, brit

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