homestretch meaning

Pronunciation:   "homestretch" in a sentence
Noun: homestretch  'howm'strech
  1. The end of an enterprise
    "they were on the homestretch when the computer crashed"
    - home stretch, home straight 
  2. The straight stretch of a racetrack leading to the finish line
    - home stretch, home straight

Derived forms: homestretches

Type of: end, final stage, last, stretch


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  1. he sat down and took a long rest, torturing himself meantime to keep awake, and then started warily down the homestretch.
  2. the horse forged ahead the lead in the homestretch
  3. the horse folded up in the homestretch
  4. We know the importance of this homestretch we have coming up,
  5. But Gore is getting help on two fronts in the homestretch.

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