homespun meaning

Pronunciation:   "homespun" in a sentence
Adjective: homespun  'howm`spún
  1. Of textiles; having a rough surface
    "a sweater knitted of nubbly homespun yarns"
    - nubby, nubbly, slubbed, tweedy 
  2. Characteristic of country life
    "the air of homespun country boys"
    - cracker-barrel [N. Amer], folksy 
  3. Made of cloth spun or woven in the home
    "homespun linen"; "homespun garments"
Noun: homespun  'howm`spún
  1. A rough loosely woven fabric originally made with yarn that was spun at home

Derived forms: homespuns

See also: homemade, rough, rural, unsmooth

Type of: cloth, fabric, material, textile

Encyclopedia: Homespun

[American slang]
n. homemade liquor or beer.
• Jed offered a little of his homespun round the table.
• How about a swig of homespun?


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  1. the book was eventually published and became a great success under the title highland homespun.
  2. trial-production of homespun with sichuan mohair
  3. homespun is a cloth of coarse weave
  4. homespun is a cloth of coarse weave
  5. this is a homespun hat

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