homesick meaning

[ 'həʊmsik ] Pronunciation:   "homesick" in a sentence
  • Adjective: homesick  'howm`sik
    1. Longing to return home

    See also: desirous, homesickness, wishful

    Encyclopedia: Homesick

  • [Medicine]
    adj : longing for home and family while absent from them — home·sick·ness n


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  1. he was homesick for italy.
  2. he was so homesick that he could hardly endure the misery of it.
  3. after the meal they felt rusty, and stiff-jointed, and a little homesick once more.
  4. i also suggest moving to a city with a chinese community -- that way you wo n't be homesick so soon.
  5. now i know where to go when i feel homesick

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