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  • Noun: High Anglican Church
    1. A group in the Anglican Church that emphasizes the Catholic tradition (especially in sacraments and rituals and obedience to church authority)
      - High Church

    Type of: religious order, religious sect, sect


  1. It is a high Anglican Church and affiliated to Forward in Faith.
  2. :: : I've been told that the only way one could tell one was in a High Anglican church and not a Catholic church is the absence of a picture of the Pope in the vestibule.
  3. At Midsomer Norton, Evelyn became deeply interested in high Anglican church rituals, the initial stirrings of the spiritual dimension that later dominated his perspective of life, and he served as an altar boy at the local Anglican church.
  4. :: : While Jayron is right in very general terms that high churches have a style of worship that is more " Catholic " than low churches, I'm not sure that really captures the distinction, since worship at most Roman Catholic churches is probably plainer than worship at really high Anglican churches.
  5. Here, Spare attended St . Agnes School, attached to a prominent High Anglican church, and as a child he was brought up within the magic, although later biographer Phil Baker has noted that there is " very little evidence " that she was ever a real figure, instead perhaps being a later fictional invention of his.

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